Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guest Post: Wedding Memories

I am so excited to be guest blogging for Tracy while she is away on her amazing honeymoon adventure! Still totally jealous! :)

My name is Tamela and I happened to stumble about Tracy's blog one day and her entries captivated me and I have been
stalking following her ever since! I blog over at my personal blog "A Brunette Making it One Day at a Time."

Okay well since I didn't personally get to go to Tracy's wedding I will blog about some weddings that I have been too.

The earliest wedding I can remember attending was my Aunt's 3rd wedding
(I think shes had 4 now!) which makes wedding 1 for me.Luckily there are no pictures to be found of this wedding since I was a dorky elementary school-er who though it was cool to have poofy 90s hair and sing Karaoke with my cousin at the reception. Our song of choice was "Hey Mickey" of course! Man did we think we were the cutest little things on the blog singing off tune to "Hey Mickey." I can just see us now screaming out hey mickey your so fine your so fine you blow my mind! *Shudder* Thank goodness digital camera's were very popular!! Luckily that is the only thing I remember from that wedding. I don't think I could bear remembering any more embarrassing details. Whew...

Now of course this picture isn't really my aunt's wedding, but just an example of a 90's wedding! The horror

Wedding number 2 was one of my good friends who I met in college and deemed me as one of her bridesmaids. The first wedding I have ever been apart of! I got the duty of throwing her bridal's shower which was a great success! Technically it was a wedding weekend and it was the most fun I have ever had. I wish I could do it all over again. The bachlorette party was held at Old Chicago Restaurant and her sister which was the matron of honor is actually an exotic dancer! First time ever have I met one! She was rather cool and you couldn't even tell that she was an exotic dancer, but she told us all the Vegas shows that she had been in. You know the ones with the huge headpieces made out of feathers! She was one of the coolest people I have met! Okay so back to the wedding, all the grooms men were in the air force so one of them thought it would be funny to tell everyone he was a hot-air-balloon pilot. Had me going for a bit! Not to mention this same grooms men gave the nephew of the groom a vodka/cranberry because spider man drinks it. Poor kid. He did have some awesome break dance skills afterward though. I think he was like 3! He also caught the garter in his mouth like a puppy dog! Kinda adorable, but kinda creepy!

The lovely bride and her bridesmaids! I'm the one with the long dark brown hair to the top right of the bride! Of course we had to make sure our skin was perfect. Yeah, I was doing the spirit fingers!

Wedding number 3 was actually the same day as Tracy's wedding!!! The bride was one of my roommate's friends and I got to know her through her. Since technically I haven't been to this wedding I will be sure to update on it on my blog!

So things I have learned from all these weddings:

1. Karaoke is a no. Don't need to embarrass myself anymore! Unless you're okay with crazy kids belting out off key.
2. Exotic Dancers are okay at a wedding as long as they are not performing! Heck throw them in the bridal party that way you know what they will be wearing! Just don't let the groomsmen know!
3. There are not hot-air-balloons pilot in the air force!
4. Spider man does not drink vodka/cranberry drinks.


Lisa Anne said...

I love weddings. I totally remember singing Hey MIckey at weddings. It's a classic like the chicken dance, celebration, we are family and the Macarana are classics. LOve the 90's dresses and hair.

Mrs. M said...

My favorite part about the wedding is always the cake. :-)

Sierra said...

Oh boy, sounds like you had a lot of adventures. Nice wedding memories!

Anonymous said...

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