Sunday, September 20, 2009

Guest Post: Love Story

Hey hey! My name is Ali, and I run (and by run I mean am the only writer of) The Way I See it. Tracy's about to get married (and is handling it incredibly well, might I add!) and in her temporary loss of sanity, allowed me to guest blog for her. I know, I'll never know what got into her either. But I digress.

Actually, I don't digress. Tracy is getting married to TL (hi TL!) and so I found it only appropriate (and oh so very predictable) to write something wedding related. Cool? No? Well crap, here it is anyway.

There once was this man, we'll call him Brad. Brad was a television producer and single. Aware of this, his boss decided he'd set him up on a blind date. Brad was awkward and against blind dates.

There was also this woman, we'll call her Linda. Linda was a nurse and single. Aware of this, a patient of hers decided he'd set her up on a blind date. Linda was awkward and against blind dates.

But somehow, Brad and Linda agreed to said blind date and there they were, awkward and awkward. And surprisingly, enjoying themselves.

Not happening, thought Linda. There's no way I can date a guy with a smaller butt than mine.

But Brad stepped out of his comfort zone and asked Linda out again. And again. Until one night, Brad said something very interesting to Linda.

"You know we're getting married, right?"

"Oh yeah," Linda replied.

And that was that.

Except that it wasn't.

You see, Brad was Jewish. Linda was not.

And while neither one of them found this to be a problem, Linda's family did.

Aside from the immense love Brad and Linda had for one another, the scene wasn't pretty.

A couple hundred fights, tears and hells later, Brad and Linda were married by a rabbi and a minister, 25 years ago.

Thus began a love that withstood any and all obstacles thrown their way.
Then my sister and I were born, but I'll save that story for a later date!

And while there are clearly many morals and lessons to be learned from this (very true) story, I'm writing this with the hopes that many years of bliss, adoration and joy are shared by Tracy and TL. They deserve all of that and more.

Thank you for your time, Tracy lovahs! And please, stop over by my place and say hello!



Carlito86 said...

What a wonderful story xx

Lori said...

I love a good love story and this one was great!! Thanks for sharing!

bananas. said...

half way through i thought this is so ali's parents...i was right! what an adorable love story!!! i love it and the best part about it...ali was born from this union. awwww. thanks for sharing!

Teach.Workout.Love said...

awe that was really cute!!!!! :) :)

Lyryn said...

This is a great story and more people should write about marriages that last! I love it! Such an encouragement to young couples! ;)

Miss Jody said...

Do you have a blog?
I love your writing :)