Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guest Post: The Little Things

hi & hello!! Kelly here from Just a Girl in the City! i've known Tracy for 4 years now. we met in college, were in the same sorority {whoo!} and connected instantly when we first met. it's safe to say that Tracy is one of my bestest friends out there. so you can imagine my excitement when she asked me to guest blog for her while she's off on her honeymoon, with her amazing new husband, seeing everything fabulous in europe.

Tracy is a girl who is the ultimate romantic. but not just any romantic, an old soul, hopeless romantic. she gives love her all and never second guesses it. she doesn't let other opinions skew her vision or shake her. and look at her now...married to the sweetest, genuine, loyal, funny, & caring guy. go Tracy!

i'm an advocate for this kind of love. the kind that you feel from the top of your head all the way down to a tingle in your toes. the pure, can't live with out, genuine love. tracy makes me hopeful of that. because if you were to glance at her & Tim you too would want what they have, and it's just that.

i think one of the most important things that Tracy has taught me about love is to appreciate the little things.

here are some of the little things my boyfriend does for me that i love:
- lets me pick out the movie for a night in.
- makes dinner for me even after a long day.
- watches gossip girl reruns with me {which i've seen at least twice} even though he'd rather watch the Yankee highlights.
- driving home everyday during his last week of soccer camp to come say hi {he was there for 3 weeks and it's a 1 hour commute each way} .
- pauses his "intense" video game session to get in as many kisses as possible to tie me over until 10 minutes later.
- keeps little notes i write to him on his sunvisor in his car.
- was genuinely upset that he was unable to make it to Tracy's wedding due to a soccer game. {he literally was so upset he tried everyway to make it work. keep in mind, he hasn't met tracy in person yet. he's talked to her on a webcamera, on the phone and through facebook. he just knows how important she is to me.}
- he will do anything and everything for my family, especially my little sisters.

So thank you to Tracy for teaching me that when it comes to love, the little things keep it alive. What are "the little things" that you appreciate and love? What keeps you going in a relationship?



Unknown said...

Such an adorable post Kel!
So I am helping my sister with her blog while she is gone and I have already messed up...I went in to publish her new comments and accidently deleted them :( Kel there were some really sweet comments about your post and I'm so sorry you couldn't read them. Maybe they'll send them again. :)

chloejessica said...

Love this post! The picture is adorable and so are the words! My boyfriend does a ton of little things I love but he is out of town for work and it is the third week! And still a little longer than a week left! But thanks for the sweet post! :)

Leslee said...

Great job Kel!

Tracy is indeed a unique ffind for a friend!

After 31 years of marriage I can tell you that complete respect and adoration for your mate is essential!

My Fireguy & I wake up and see each other off to work every day; even if the other has the day off...

We leave each other notes when he goes on hunting or rafting trips so that we can be reminded of how much each of us are missed!

We are constantly in search of ways to keep the 'home firs burning'...

Love that guy more and more each day :-)

Unknown said...

So nice! My husband and I make coffee for each other every morning (he drinks regular; I drink decaf). Best coffee I've ever had.

Thehonestmom said...

He lets me eat all the red gummy bears! Congrats again Tracy.

bananas. said...

this is so cute!!! the little things truly are what matter most.

Unknown said...

Kelly - this was such a gorgeous post, I loved it! Your boyfriend sounds such a sweetheart :)

Loved what you said about Tracy and Tim too.....beautiful :)

Sierra said...

Many of the things you mentioned and how my boyfriend surprises me, takes me on walks by the beach, makes me dinner, and always shows me he cares by sending me cute texts! I also enjoyed what you said about T&T, so true! Nice guest post. :)