Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guest Post: Everyday Delight Recipes

Hi everyone! My name is Carol over from Everyday Delights and I am thrilled to be guest posting for Tracy while she is off having European adventures with her new husband!

I myself am getting married to this handsome man, Nick, on July 31 and I’ve loved reading all about Tracy’s wedding plans (especially her shoes – how fabulous are those)!

Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image. Besides wedding planning, I love, love, love to cook! My mom is an amazing cook, so I am lucky I got the cooking genes. I like to blog about recipes I make over on my blog, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites over the years.

Homemade pizza:

Your browser may not support display of this image.Thursday night is pizza night! And nothing beats homemade pizza! The link above is to a classic Italian pizza but I also have a healthier whole wheat pizza dough that I think is equally as good. Put whatever toppings you enjoy on it, and I guarantee you’ll never be able to go back to Pizza Hut!

Giada’s pasta carbonara:

This dish is my weakness, seriously! I first discovered it when I studied aboard in Rome during my senior year in college. Ever since then, it has been my staple comfort food, almost like an alfredo sauce, only much more flavorful, thanks to the pancetta. On a cold day or whenever I need a little calorie splurge, this is where I go. Try it and I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

French onion soup

Your browser may not support display of this image.The weather is starting to change here in Seattle and this is making me excited for soup season, especially making French onion soup. I thought making French onion soup would be hard, but really, its quite easy as long as you set aside some time for the onions to caramelize (about 1 hour). I think this is a great dish to impress guests and it will get your whole house smelling like a French bistro!

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes

Image And of course, for dessert, nothing beats cupcakes! When Nick and I went to NYC last year, I had to wait in the line around the corner for a Magnolia Bakery Cupcake, and it was well worth the wait! And I was so excited to see a few months after we got back, the Today Show features their cupcake recipe so now you can have your own bakery at home! The butter cream frosting is to die for!

Thanks so much for reading all about my favorite recopies everyone and thank you to Tracy for the opportunity to guest post! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and come by and visit me at my blog, Everyday Delights!


Sierra said...

Ohhhh all of these recipes look yummy, especially the pizza! Both of you make a lovely couple and love your guest post!

Ramirez Family said...

Will you post how you make your French Onion Soup...I really wanna know the recipe, as I love to cook up new things too!

Great Post!! =)

Annie said...

UM, yummy!!
i LOVE french onion soup!!

Kristen said...

Oh man... this is the worst post to be reading right now when I can't eat!!! EVERYTHING looks amazing!!! I will definitely be by your blog to check out your fabulous cooking!!

Jax said...

Love the guest post, chica! :) And loving the fall recipes! I could live off desserts and soup (in that order) in the winter.. haha.. :)

. said...

look at all that yummy food!! Fab guest post hun!

Ali said...

That, YUM.

A delicious guest post!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Now I'm Deliciously HUNGRY because of this CHARMINGLY savory post! ~ THANK YOU!!!:)

R3 Method Show said...

That dress is awesome and I ONLY do homemade pizzas. They are the best and I make sure I use fresh and healthy ingredients.