Sunday, August 30, 2009

6 Days!

I can't believe it!
But this also means that...
we are 5 DAYS away from our beautiful rehearsal dinner
4 DAYS away from our girl spa day and boy golfing day - and the day we check in to the beautiful Villa at the wedding location. (Its going to be so fun... my girls, mom, MIL, and I have the thing to ourselves!) Read about the Villa here.

3 DAYS away from our day on the boat party
and... 2 DAYS away from our firsts official guests arriving & staying at TL's (& my) house!
SO excited for this week.

My mom and I had a very successful shopping trip today where I was able to pick up all of the things I needed - I checked off a big chunk of my to-do list. It was also just fun to hang out with my amazing mom all day. (She really is the best... she has been amazing, generous and so excited for this whole thing, I love her to death.)

Thank you all for continuing on with this journey to my wedding day with me... it has been so much fun sharing the excitement!

I am very happy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Sierra

Sierra @ Ocean Dreams is so sweet. If you haven't met her and started following her blog, you really should! :)
Today, I got a fabulous & adorable couple of gifts in the mail:
The weenie dog painting she ordered from:
and the necklaces from:

TL and I could not believe how adorable the painting was, and it has already found its home in our office.
And the necklaces are beautiful.
I was so touched.
The top picture shows you the card Sierra wrote and the adorable bookmark she made for me.
Sierra, thank you so much! I love them, and I am so glad we have met and gotten to know each other!

How cute is that Weenie Dog Painting?!?!?
I'm obsessed!

Friday, August 28, 2009

200 is my lucky number!

So this is my 200th post &
today I hit 200 "follower" friends!
(200th total, but one is hiding that I never finished!)

I am so happy, and honored, that I have met so many amazing people through blogger!

I randomly run into people that tell me they read my blog, and I love hearing that.
I love writing, and although I may not be the strongest writer,
I truly enjoy it.
I love sharing the experiences and details of my life...
and getting so much feedback!
not to mention, reading all of your blogs...
I spend hours doing it, and love it!

So today... I thought I would share yet another important detail of my wedding... (yawn... more wedding!!) ;)

This has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!
I am absolutely in LOVE with my nephew, Ry Guy!

Also, my soon to be MIL sent me an email today with a picture of these...

considering TL is 6'3" and I am barely 5 foot, I think I need a pair.
But... not sure how cute they are, and they don't look too comfy!
Would you wear them??

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Wow... we are so excited... it is coming so fast!

I am thankful for so much:
My parents who have given so much and supported us through the entire wedding process.
My very soon to be Mother In Law, Cindy, for being so loving, generous, and excited about the whole thing.
My friends who will all be here with me... starting Wednesday! I am soo excited. They are my heroes.
Sierra @ OceanDreams. She is one of the sweetest people on the planet. (I am so glad we met through blogging) She sent us over a sweet card and little wedding gifts. Thank you, girl, I was SO excited when I got the mail today.
My Aunt Richelle... she called me a few weeks ago to tell me about a song she heard that reminded her of TL and I, now we are using that as our first dance!
Venti Unsweetened Green Iced Teas, Extra ice, Extra Shaken.
An amazing family... Greyson & Matt helped me find the most beautiful rehearsal dinner dress... so excited to show you!
Our honeymoon... Europe here we come!

All of you for the sweet reading suggestions... we found one! So much to catch you guys up on.
Dress, location, pictures, pictures, pictures!
Thanks for caring so much and making me feel so special through this entire process!
Adore you all, and wish I had all the time in the world to read your blogs. I will catch up this weekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lost In This Moment...

I am so excited for the weeks to come...
a wonderful man,
amazing family & friends to celebrate with,
and an adventurous honeymoon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

duhh duh duh duhhh....

this keeps giving me chills.... so excited to walk down the aisle with my dad.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adorable Ry-Guy

I haven't blogged enough about my adorable nephew... so I wanted to share a few pictures of my adorable little man...
He has discovered his little thumb!
And his little laugh is something to cherish...
he smiles the biggest when my dad "Pops" says anything to him.
I think my dad may be his favorite (besides his mommy)!

I love him to pieces!!!!

Durable Can Be Fashionable!

I took this picture while we were on the drive to San Francisco.  I thought it was so funny because I LOVE my LV bag that TL got be for my Birthday (story about that here) and I was so paranoid about it riding in the back of the truck, but it did well! :)  So the lesson for me... Fashion can be durable!  I only worry because it is so special to me because it's from TL... and its beautiful!

Are any of you completely paranoid about some of your stuff?  :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Countdown & Your Ideas?

2 weeks... wow... they are going to go by so fast! :) 
When I was little - and still to this day- whenever Christmas was getting close, I would make a chain of days left until Christmas.
I made one for TL and I to rip off.  It keeps getting shorter and shorter - and it hangs on his closet door! :)
All of you are so fabulous... and I need a little help.
Do any of you know of any very special "readings" that we could have read 
at our wedding? 
We are hoping for something that talks about friendship, marriage, and love.
I have found a few things I like, but nothing I love!
Any Suggestions???
My friend Michelle is our reader,
she is a doll, and so very special to me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Minute To Brag...

I have to take a minute to brag... I come from a huge, beautiful family.  My dad has 6 brothers - all married to their first wives - we all live in the same town - and I have 2o smart and talented cousins.  We are a pretty tight family, amazingly, and I am so proud to be a part of it.  One of my cousins, Matt, goes to Harvard.  He was top of his high school class and went into Harvard with honors.  Today, I saw this...

Isn't he amazing?  Here is the actual link, go look!  He is on there because he is involved in everything.  He is one of those naturally gifted, smart, intelligent people with incredible social skills.  Something hard to find! :)  He is an incredible guy!  GO MATT!! :)  To be honest... all of my cousins are gifted - they make beautiful: teachers, firefighters, business owners, law students, college graduates, nurses, moms, dads... the list goes on and on.  (It stems from all of my amazing Aunts & Uncles... and my grand parents who have given all of us an appreciation of work ethic)  I am truly proud... and the cool part?  They are all choosing cool people to spend their lives with - therefore, we are still growing. :)

Thankful Thursdays (friday edition)

This weeks Thankful Thursday is coming a day late -
 due to the fact that I am prenuptually preoccupied...
1. My mom... she calms my little worries and reminds me of the big picture, always!
2. My dad... like a superhero - I called him this morning freaking out because a pipe was shooting out water making our back yard appear to be a water park - within minutes, Mr. Fix It came to the rescue and fixed & cleaned it all up!
3.  A family friend who has been working as a personal trainer.  Yesterday, I went to her house and she made me a yummy snack and we did some yoga and pilates! 
4. TL. Because he is going to be my husband in 15 days!
5. My puppies - cuddle bugs.
6. My bff Jenny - for taking on a wedding task for me yesterday.
7. My wedding planner, Kendra... its been weeks of countless emails, checks, ect... and she is so on top of things! 
8.  My health and little extra sleep the last few days, stay with me health!
9.  15 DAYS!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Whoa... 19 Days!

I am going to be a Mrs. to this guy in
19 DAYS!

We are so excited and blessed to have everything going so smoothly.

The dress is hung in a "secret location" with care
the details are fun... even the way she's wearing her hair.
The seating chart is complete
thanks to a mom who didn't miss a beat.
The shoes on their shrine
the jewelry will all be cleaned on time.
Something old, new, borrowed, blue
the favors tied pretty - something the BFF helped her do.
The bride is all ready for her dad to take part
and walk her down the aisle with an over flowing heart.
Two crazy kids who happened to fall in love...
together forever with help from above.

crazy. busy. beautiful wedding details.
wedding license we took care of today!
wishing I had a little more time to read your blogs...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Crazy Pup

Maximus has something against Jeopardy.  
Every time it comes on, he barks at Alex!

Do your animals do anything crazy??

Why My Friends Are The Best...

They did so much for me at my Bachelorette Party... 
decorated the room, bought me the blue dress, veils, t shirts, pins, and this sweet video... 
here it is, and under is my reaction while watching it! :)

I am so blessed to have such amazing memories with such beautiful friends.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful is an understatement at this point in my life!

I am thankful for:
friends that are truly like family
bridesmaids who know how to throw a memorable bachelorette party... more details?  look here for a full recap!
my dad - he had his last day with the fire department this week - it was emotionally draining... please read this to learn more about my dad and what he does!
my mom - she bought me eye cream for my dry eyes.  she is just a fantastic mom... I am so lucky.
TL is going to Vegas tomorrow for his Bachelor party... :)  Thankful he gets to experience something as great as I did.
Our wedding planner, Kendra!!  She did a shout out to TL and I on her blog!!  Check it out here, and leave her a comment! :)

hello Tracy... you are going to be a bride in just over 3 weeks!!!
(not to mention an amazing honeymoon to follow!)

whoa... so thankful!

Also... is there anyone who wants to be a guest blogger for me while I am on my honeymoon??  I would love to have some of you keep up my blog while I am gone :)  Please let me know! 

Still trying to catch up on all of my lovely blogger ladies!

Happy (almost) Friday!

be thankful.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



The pictures say it all:

We had the most amazing time ever!
It was absolutely perfect... VIP, Pool Side, Great Memories!
I have so much to catch up on with all of your blogs... and I will this week! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for everything... TL, family, friends, health... and I am very thankful for...
with my lovely bridesmaids:

It's for my BACHELORETTE party!

So excited... can't wait to catch up with you all again on Sunday! 
Pictures & stories to tell when I get back.
love to you all.  have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Month Away!!

"Going to the alter and were gonna get married!"
Hoping time doesn't go too fast!
(I know... he is way taller than me... even my heels don't help!)

Tamela @ A Brunette Making It One Day At A Time... gave me this "Circle of Friends" award.  I felt so special... the reason I love blogging is because I have gotten to meet so many fabulous people from all over the world!  Here are some just a couple of people I have loved getting to know and love their feedback on my posts!  ALL of you guys are awesome... I could have named so many! Thank you for your support & sharing little pieces of your life with me!
A Girl In Pearls & A Boy With Toys...(we are getting married on the SAME day!)

Love to you all... Thanks for all of the feedback!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Ry Guy

My little nephew, Ry Guy, is absolutely adorable... here is a picture of him 2 weeks after he was born (April 29th 2009 is his Birthday)...
and here is a recent picture of my guy...
(well, its not that recent... about 2 months old)

Isn't he adorable!?
I absolutely love him, and my sister Kelly is so precious with him.
She is one of those cute mommies that you grow up hoping to be like.

It's amazing being an Auntie... I get to see him grow up and that is so exciting.
I love making him dance and kissing his cuddly chubby cheeks!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit

What is your favorite rehearsal dinner dress for the bride??  
Dress 1
Dress 2 
Dress 3
Is it appropriate for the bride to wear white?  
I am so excited... our rehearsal dinner is taking place at a quaint restaurant near our wedding venue called La Perla Bistro.
My future MIL is doing an amazing job with the planning!
It's beautiful!