Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Segment - New Opportunities

I just love new opportunties.. isn't it fun that one day you can wake up and your life could be somewhat different than an hour before?  Occasionally, my motivated and driven mind used my big dreams as a wet blanket, weighing me down from the pressure I was putting on myself to get somewhere.  Don't get me wrong, pressure on yourself can be a good thing, but I felt like that cartoon character where my head explodes!  
I have found the most important legacy in life is my family and friends.  My first priority will forever be them - because they make me most happy.  So, I have had to improvise my dreams a little bit, hammer down my own foundation instead of following what everyone has told me I "should" do all these years.  And finally, the first puzzle piece is getting laid on the table.  It may just be a corner piece, the easy piece to find, but its a piece - and it means something to me... even if it is just temporary.
One of the anchors at my work, Good Day Sacramento, has recently (after much of my determination to get involved) assigned me to produce & report a segment twice a week.  It set sail last week - and thought I would show you how it's going:
(look to the right hand side of the screen, little video titled "Job Center Spotlight")

Thanks for all of your support & love!  By the way... if you live in the Sacramento area, you can see the segment between 9-10am, Tuesdays, on cw31 or cable channel 12. :)

photo courtesy of Good Day Sacramento.com


Katie-K said...

Congrats Tracy! I watched the segment online and you did an amazing job! You deserve it, I know many doors will continue to open up for you.

Taryn said...

yaaaaa trac! i watched it and you did so great! love you! miss you! xoxxoo phone call soon =)

kadler said...

That's awesome! Congrats!!

Straight Hookin' said...

Congrats Tracy!! Awesome job!!

Gerri Ward said...

What a Beautiful and touching post I luv every word of it! Congratulations you are definitely on your way to the TOP!

Unknown said...

Well done you! Good luck! You have a great speaking voice :)
Simone :)