Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Showered With Love

Sunday the 3rd of May was my first bridal shower.  It was kind of the "mini-shower" that Cindy threw for me, and it turned out not-so-mini after everything came together.  This was the shower for my closest SF girlfriends, my aunts & grandma, my mom, sisters, and my bridesmaids.  It was also her chance to celebrate with her friends the marriage of her son.  And let me tell ya, those old broads (some of them 85 years old) really know how to party!  We had a phenomenal time.  The shower was high tea at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco.  (spoiled?... yeah!)  ;)

The morning started with what Cindy and the Old Broads call "The Thief".  (aka one of my best friends, Casey) Allow me to briefly explain... Cindy's best friend KBJ helped Cindy plan the shower by going out and purchasing over 30 different tea sets.  Every single person had their very own unique tea set at their seat with a floral arrangement in it.  As soon as some people started figuring out that they got to keep their little tea set as their favor, they started switching around the little sets to one they really liked.  (All of them were from different antique stores around the region)  Well, "The Thief" did what everyone else was doing, and switched hers with a pink one from a different table.  Little did she know, it was Cindys... and that pink one wasn't going home with anyone except Cindy.  So it was a huge joke at the beginning of the shower when Cindy broke the ice and asked who stole her tea set, and of course it was Case! :)

Its hard to see the little sets in this picture because the floral arrangements cover them... but it they are absolutely adorable.  

This was my spot at the table :)  KBJ personally picked out my tea set from an antique shop in San Diego.  It had yellow roses on it (my favorite) and Cindy picked out the hat!

Here is one of the tea sets... everyone had a different one.  And then you put your tea set and flower into the little black, white and yellow box on the way out.  The box had other "high tea" themed items inside of it!

The morning progressed with Cindy's big gift to me (besides the stunning shower, I guess), which was a necklace that says "Tracy" just like "Carrie" in Sex and the City.  She knows how much I love that necklace, so it was really thoughtful.  You can kind of see the necklace in this picture!

The afternoon progressed with the present opening.  I received the most beautiful & thoughtful gifts imaginable.  I have such generous people in my life, wow! 
 Among my favorites was this apron with "Mrs. Lesher" written on it from Mackenzie (TL's cousin), who graciously assisted Cindy in planning the shower.  The joke is that TL will use the apron more than me... I have a lot to learn in cooking!

Cindy was so thoughtful with everything she did for this shower... and I am so grateful & extremely lucky.  I am also lucky to have such wonderful family & friends to come to the shower... here are some pictures of them!  (And Cindy's fabulous family & friends too - that are soon to be my family!)
my closest SF girls... friends that are family! (and two best friends from HS)
My 6 aunts (married to my dad's 6 brothers), my beautiful mom, and my grandma (dad's mom)  We have an incredibly large and loving family... all 6 of them are the first wives of all my uncles... pretty amazing!

Cindy's amazing family.  Let me tell you, I have some big shoes to fill to be a part of this family.  Some of the strongest, most beautiful women I know.  I am very lucky!
Cindy's best friends (the old broads) They are fabulous... a few of them are missing from this picture.
And then my uncles, grandpa and TL came back from the pub run they were on to cause some trouble...

Cindy & TL fit right in!  :)
The woman I have to thank for it ALL!  :)

I wish I could fill everyone in on EVERYTHING that happened and all of the cute things these women did for me, but it is impossible!  It is such an incredible memory, and I am so thankful for it all.  I am one very lucky girl!


The Cobabes said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm sure it was a blast. The tea sets was such a cute idea, I have never heard of that before!

Heather Scott Partington said...

Beautiful, Trace. :) Looks like you had a great time. I also like the teacup idea--really personal for a shower. Congrats!

Leslee said...

Looks like a very special day!

Love your dress choice too ;-)

Taryn said...

you looked so beautiful! such an awesome day with your fam =)

Anonymous said...

what a lovely day!!

Vivian said...

what a fabulous, and classy bridal shower!!! beautiful choice of dress, and the high tea is a great idea!

Katie-K said...

What a special day! You look gorgeous!

Jen said...

What a beautiful dress! Such a pretty bride :)

the tichenor family said...

What a beautiful shower. I threw my mom a High Tea at the St. Regis here in Houston for her 50th birthday last year. It was amazing.