Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cupcakes & Pedicures!

Today is my friend Carlene's Birthday! She is turning 25. Quarter of a century! Weird if you think of it that way! To celebrate, my other friend Heather and I made cupcakes yesterday. A whopping 50 of them! We work together, so we brought them all into work and spelled out a big "25" on the news desk along with her name. The extras we left at home for later ;) We also filled up a huge basket of "25 of the most useful things for your 25th". It contains the most useless things ever... including band aids, a whoppi cushion, a tiara, a boa, nail polish, nail file, ect. with a list of why it is useful! All fun stuff that we somehow related to work! So fun!

Today we are going to get pedicures. She has no idea, it's a surprise! Then we are headed out for a make believe "happy hour" at around 4 with some other friends from the station (We all work at 3 in the morning tomorrow, so any later is not an option) : )

1 comment:

Kelly said...

how fun tracy!!!! such cute ideas!!!

ps we still need to celebrate our birthdays!!! maybe next weekend???