Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Update...

On my little "Ry Guy"!
He is Still as healthy as can be... and noticing things around him. I love it when I hold him, because he just stares right at me. It is the most precious thing in the world! He has a little swimg that plays music and has a dancing fish mobile and he looks at the fish now. (That is what he is doing in this picture) It is so amazing to see him grow - everyday he looks different! I love being and AUNTIE!

I haven't posted all week - it has been quite a good one though! TL and I went CUPCAKE tasting for our wedding with my dad. Our wedding planner is absolutely fabulous, and the planning is coming along. It is so much fun and in just a few weeks we are starting to really get in to the smaller details! AND!! My dress is in! I am going in for my first fitting next week. I am so excited!

Also, while TL and I were shopping for new throw pillows for the couch at Bed Bath & Beyond, I found this Cupcake Book that I really want! Its called "Hello, Cupcake!" and it gives so many cool ideas!
Cupcake info here


pinkpaulaz said...

I have that book and it's fabulous!

Kelly said...

yay on your dress being in!!!!!! i'm so excited for you!!!

Unknown said...

Really enjoying having a quick peek at your blog, it's lovely :)
I am also a big SATC fan AND a big NYC fan too - my husband proposed to me in Central Park and we spent a few days of our honeymoon there too :)
I LOVE your blue wedding shoes - I dream of a pair of Manolos....who doesn't!!!
I just love it when you read someone's blog and think "Yes, me too"!!
Happy Week-end,
London, England

Unknown said...

PS I don't suppose there are any cowboys in that Cupcake book are there? I am looking for a good cowboy cupcake design.
Simone :)

Unknown said...

PPS You really got me thinking about "SATC" and so, inspired by that, I wrote a post on my blog about it :)


William Street Store said...

So cute!!!!
Glad your dress is in! You must be so excited for the wedding now, not long too go! xxx

Unknown said...

Love anything that deals with cupcakes, so thanks for sharing!! Daisy~