Saturday, May 30, 2009


Lately, I have stepped away from my normal run and tried out some new classes at the gym!  My favorite is Zumba!  It is the perfect way to get into swim suit shape for the summer!  If you don't know what it is, its a fast paced Latin/hip hop style dancing.  You burn anywhere from 500-800 calories in an hour!  Fabulous!  There is an awesome instructor here in town, her name is Kim and we had her on Good Day Sacramento, recently.  She has her own studio and she also teaches classes at Cal Fit.  This is her website.  If you are near a gym, check it out and see if they have the "Zumba" class... I promise, you won't be disappointed! 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mini Trip to Carmel

In absence of my blogging... TL and I took a mini trip over to the coast.  We spent 4 days there, and my dad joined us for two.  We hiked, spent time at the beach, and took the beautiful 80 mile drive on Highway 1 to Hearst Castle.  The dogs absolutely LOVE hiking, running and swimming.  It was a relaxing week, we are so lucky!
Thousands of sticks on the beach, but they both want the same one!
Super Dog!
My amazing dad and me!
TL and my "macho" dad...
Beautiful Hearst Castle
TL and Me

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't Stop Believing... Hold on to that feeeeelin'....

Yes! Gotta love journey! Starting summer off right :) Last night, TL and I and some friends (Markus & Shannon) went to their concert at Raley Field. We had a blast! This was one of the best pictures to describe the night. Back of the Prius tailgating before the concert. They sang so many amazing songs. The four of us went to dinner before the concert. Fun night! Who else loves JOURNEY?!?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Update...

On my little "Ry Guy"!
He is Still as healthy as can be... and noticing things around him. I love it when I hold him, because he just stares right at me. It is the most precious thing in the world! He has a little swimg that plays music and has a dancing fish mobile and he looks at the fish now. (That is what he is doing in this picture) It is so amazing to see him grow - everyday he looks different! I love being and AUNTIE!

I haven't posted all week - it has been quite a good one though! TL and I went CUPCAKE tasting for our wedding with my dad. Our wedding planner is absolutely fabulous, and the planning is coming along. It is so much fun and in just a few weeks we are starting to really get in to the smaller details! AND!! My dress is in! I am going in for my first fitting next week. I am so excited!

Also, while TL and I were shopping for new throw pillows for the couch at Bed Bath & Beyond, I found this Cupcake Book that I really want! Its called "Hello, Cupcake!" and it gives so many cool ideas!
Cupcake info here

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding Countdown...

Lots of people have been asking me ... "can you wait for your big day?" and my answer not suprisingly is yes... but I LOVE the anticipation. I feel like the day is going to go by so fast... and I want to enjoy every second of the planning and just having a fiance. You are only engaged for a short period of your life. I love it. I am so excited to be marrying my love. He is just fabulous! I fall in love with him more each day! We planned our honeymoon... very exciting. Blog update on that coming soon!

Countdown: 111 days to go!

picture of the beautiful place we are getting marrying at found here

Friday, May 15, 2009

High School

I found this on Facebook and I want to know about YOUR high school experiences.  Copy and paste it, fill it out, and let me know! :)  
1. Did you date someone from your school? Not from my high school... he was in college!
2. Did you marry someone from your high school? No
3. Did you car pool to school? No
4. What kind of car did you have? '02 Red Ford Focus
5. What kind of car do you have now? '08 White VW Beetle
6. Its Friday night...where are you now? Usually in bed early because I work early :(  But I had a blast in college every Friday!
7. It is Friday night...where were you then? Cheerleading at either a football or basketball game... then out with friends!
8. What kind of job did you have in high school? Senior Council, Cheer, Track & Field, ect.  but nothing I was paid for!
9. What kind of job do you have now? I work for a TV station in Sacramento
10. Were you a party animal? Sure... we had fun!
11. Were you considered a flirt? Probably
12. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? No.  I am not musically inclined
13. Were you a nerd? Not really, but I did well in school
14. Did you get suspended or expelled? Never
15. Can you sing the fight song? Of course...
16. Who was/were your favorite teacher(s)? There were quite a few of them!
17. Where did you sit during lunch? We didn't sit, we stood... and there were a ton of us all collected in the quad
18. What was your school's full name? Elk Grove High School
19. When did you graduate? 2005
20. What was your mascot? Thundering Herd (Elks)
21. If you could go back and do it again, what would you do? Nothing different... had a great time!  But not as fun as college!
22. Did you have fun at Prom? Not my Jr. Prom... but my senior ball was great!
23. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with? yup
24. How many people from high school are you still close with?  about 5
25. Who was your closes friends?  Gina, Jenny, and Liz

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Allergy Attack

Its that time of the year again... ALLERGY season.  I absolutely hate allergies.  Its a time filled with snot, bloody noses, asthma, itchy eyes and ears, and of course sneezing!  I am the victim of all of the above. Yikes!  A couple of days ago my asthma got so bad TL brought me to his work and did a little breathing treatment on me (lucky to be marrying a fireman/paramedic) Does anyone have some amazing allergy remedies?  I've tried all that I know... Claritin, Advil Allergy Sinus, cold showers... what ideas do you have?  Who else suffers?  I know my sister does!

Sneezing Cat found here

Vintage Kitchen Swap

I was looking around online and saw this really cute idea... because all of my friends are at the point in their life where they are starting to aquire their own kitchen stuff, I think it would be so fun to have a vintage kitchen swap.  The idea being this: everyone gets some fun antique or vintage kitchen stuff and brings it to a little get together.  Then draw names and share!  I love having all different colors and stories behind the fun things around the house!  It gives it character!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Wheels

TL and I recently got some new wheels, and I can't believe I forgot to post a lil blog about it!  We got a 2009 Toyota Prius.. and it is completely awesome.  TL got it the same day that Baby Ryan was born two weeks ago... and already we have put over 1200 miles on that sucker!  It happens quickly when you drive back and forth to the bay a lot like we do :)  The best part of it all is that we just filled up with gas for the 3rd time today - and it wasn't even empty yet!  It averages 45-50 miles per gallon, which is so awesome!  Especially compared to the SUV he had before.  His last car was "lemon lawed", which I didn't even know was possible - so after a year of owning it and 25000 miles, the dealership cut him a check for just about what he paid for it and TL literally walked down the road to Toyota and purchased this!

The navigation is cool, and we decided against leather seats this time because we thought the fabric would be more comfortable, and it is!  It is a wonderful ride... so far I would say I highly recommend it! 

Happy Birthday, Juju!

Today is my sister, Julie's, 25th Birthday!  I can't believe it!  I am so proud of my sister and I love her to death.  Juju is one of my favorite people in the entire world.  She is compassionate, sweet, and loving.  She is the most adorable 4th grade teacher ever.  Juju and I have many years of playing school, playing dolls, making plays and video taping them, and playing outside together.  We shared a room for more than 10 years... and she has always been so sweet to me. 


I Love You, Ju!
Happy 25th Birthday!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update on Baby Ry Guy

My adorable little nephew is healthy and growing.  He is so much more alert and moving more than he was when he was first born.  He is just adorable.  Tomorrow, he will be two weeks old!  :)  My sister says that he is her "Ry Guy" and I think thats pretty cute.  He is such a lover... and he seems so tiny!

My sister is doing great, too!  She is a total trooper.  I know she really appreciates all of the support from our sweet family and friends.  We are so lucky!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Nanny Post

Many people don't know this... but I am a little nanny!  To two adorable little guys (Colton & Jeremy)  I have been babysitting them for about 10 years now (WOW) and they like to call me the "second mom".  They are good guys, and TL and I love spending time with them.  It's a busy week this week with baseball games and tournaments, jog-a-thons, school lunches, and bedtimes... but its great training for being a mom someday (in a very long time).  On top of that, I am also housesitting their house, taking care of things at my own house and continuing my normal work schedule.  Needless to say, its a busy (but fun & productive) week! 

This picture has nothing to do with what I wrote.  I just like it...  And I found it here.

Summer Desires

Thank you Rebecca Taylor for designing this beautiful dress that I really really want... but can't afford :)  Love the color, love the style!

And... I love the shoes.  I think they could go with the dress nicely!  Or you could dress it all up with some sexy strappys!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

ChickyPoo Tutu

At work, we see a lot of really cute things~ and this weekend, we had a gal who makes tutu's for all people, ages, and sizes!  They are absolutely beautiful!  Here is her blog: Chickypoo209.  And here is a picture taken from her site!

She had a little 10 week old baby girl who was dressed in one and it was probably one of the cutest things I have ever scene!  It is a must for little girls!

I really want a tutu like Carrie Bradshaw's on the opening of Sex and The City.  Its like a dream!  Maybe I should order one ;)

photo courtesy of chickypoo209

Happy Mothers Day!


To my very special mom. I just love this lady more than anything in the world. My mom is the most compassionate and loving lady I know! I am SO blessed!

And also to my darling sister... who is celebrating her very FIRST Mother's day ever with my adorable little Nephew, Ryan!!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cupcakes & Pedicures!

Today is my friend Carlene's Birthday! She is turning 25. Quarter of a century! Weird if you think of it that way! To celebrate, my other friend Heather and I made cupcakes yesterday. A whopping 50 of them! We work together, so we brought them all into work and spelled out a big "25" on the news desk along with her name. The extras we left at home for later ;) We also filled up a huge basket of "25 of the most useful things for your 25th". It contains the most useless things ever... including band aids, a whoppi cushion, a tiara, a boa, nail polish, nail file, ect. with a list of why it is useful! All fun stuff that we somehow related to work! So fun!

Today we are going to get pedicures. She has no idea, it's a surprise! Then we are headed out for a make believe "happy hour" at around 4 with some other friends from the station (We all work at 3 in the morning tomorrow, so any later is not an option) : )

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shock Training

Well, I think its contro- versial, but TL thinks its necessary.  Our little weenie dogs are quite barkish, and at times annoying.  So, kind of against my will, TL bought them shock collars.  They work!  I haven't shocked them yet, but TL has and they definitely shape up right away.  Zeus can be a little butt and sometimes we will be out in the front yard and he will take off after people.  The other day this little girl was riding her bike by us and he took off after her barking.  She started peddling so fast and he was right next to her barking.  Keep in mind, these little guys are tiny.  About 10 pounds.  So anyways... thats the best cure we can think of for Maximus & Zeus.  I have to carry little remotes when we go on walks so they learn to behave themselves.  What other training techniques work?  Ideas?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Showered With Love

Sunday the 3rd of May was my first bridal shower.  It was kind of the "mini-shower" that Cindy threw for me, and it turned out not-so-mini after everything came together.  This was the shower for my closest SF girlfriends, my aunts & grandma, my mom, sisters, and my bridesmaids.  It was also her chance to celebrate with her friends the marriage of her son.  And let me tell ya, those old broads (some of them 85 years old) really know how to party!  We had a phenomenal time.  The shower was high tea at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco.  (spoiled?... yeah!)  ;)

The morning started with what Cindy and the Old Broads call "The Thief".  (aka one of my best friends, Casey) Allow me to briefly explain... Cindy's best friend KBJ helped Cindy plan the shower by going out and purchasing over 30 different tea sets.  Every single person had their very own unique tea set at their seat with a floral arrangement in it.  As soon as some people started figuring out that they got to keep their little tea set as their favor, they started switching around the little sets to one they really liked.  (All of them were from different antique stores around the region)  Well, "The Thief" did what everyone else was doing, and switched hers with a pink one from a different table.  Little did she know, it was Cindys... and that pink one wasn't going home with anyone except Cindy.  So it was a huge joke at the beginning of the shower when Cindy broke the ice and asked who stole her tea set, and of course it was Case! :)

Its hard to see the little sets in this picture because the floral arrangements cover them... but it they are absolutely adorable.  

This was my spot at the table :)  KBJ personally picked out my tea set from an antique shop in San Diego.  It had yellow roses on it (my favorite) and Cindy picked out the hat!

Here is one of the tea sets... everyone had a different one.  And then you put your tea set and flower into the little black, white and yellow box on the way out.  The box had other "high tea" themed items inside of it!

The morning progressed with Cindy's big gift to me (besides the stunning shower, I guess), which was a necklace that says "Tracy" just like "Carrie" in Sex and the City.  She knows how much I love that necklace, so it was really thoughtful.  You can kind of see the necklace in this picture!

The afternoon progressed with the present opening.  I received the most beautiful & thoughtful gifts imaginable.  I have such generous people in my life, wow! 
 Among my favorites was this apron with "Mrs. Lesher" written on it from Mackenzie (TL's cousin), who graciously assisted Cindy in planning the shower.  The joke is that TL will use the apron more than me... I have a lot to learn in cooking!

Cindy was so thoughtful with everything she did for this shower... and I am so grateful & extremely lucky.  I am also lucky to have such wonderful family & friends to come to the shower... here are some pictures of them!  (And Cindy's fabulous family & friends too - that are soon to be my family!)
my closest SF girls... friends that are family! (and two best friends from HS)
My 6 aunts (married to my dad's 6 brothers), my beautiful mom, and my grandma (dad's mom)  We have an incredibly large and loving family... all 6 of them are the first wives of all my uncles... pretty amazing!

Cindy's amazing family.  Let me tell you, I have some big shoes to fill to be a part of this family.  Some of the strongest, most beautiful women I know.  I am very lucky!
Cindy's best friends (the old broads) They are fabulous... a few of them are missing from this picture.
And then my uncles, grandpa and TL came back from the pub run they were on to cause some trouble...

Cindy & TL fit right in!  :)
The woman I have to thank for it ALL!  :)

I wish I could fill everyone in on EVERYTHING that happened and all of the cute things these women did for me, but it is impossible!  It is such an incredible memory, and I am so thankful for it all.  I am one very lucky girl!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back To My City

This week has been quite crazy. The delivery of my sweet baby nephew was so exciting, its hard to think about anything else in life that matters all that much. He totally puts everything into perspective. I just adore him.

So many great things are going on in my life. Today, TL and I are taking off to San Francisco for the Bridal Shower that Cindy (my soon to be Mother In Law) is throwing for me. It is going to be a darling shower with her friends, my closest girlfriends from the city, and my aunts. I am so excited. I have been looking forward to it for months. Today, I am hoping to find a fun dress while TL and I are out shopping around. All of my aunts and uncles are coming to the city today and tonight we are all going out to something called Beach Blanket Bablon. It should be a blast! I'll have pics up soon :)

But, I will totally miss my baby boy, Ry. He is the best!

pretty picture found here

Holding Him...

Makes me feel so warm. Last night, I got to hold sweet baby Ryan for over an hour. There is something so special about holding a darling, innocent baby. He was asleep for part of the time, and then he opened his eyes and looked at me. I never thought I could love a little baby so much. His little tiny fingers and little tiny toes are so precious. He is just perfect.

This is my sister, auntie Juju, holding him.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Ryan Michael Olson
7 pounds 10 ounces
20 3/4 inches long

This is my new nephew.  He was born on Wednesday, April 29th 2009 at 9:27AM.  He is the sweetest, most innocent, beautiful baby I have ever seen.  I was in love from the moment I saw him.  My sister, Kelly, did an amazing job through her very tough delivery.  I can't stop looking at him when I am with him.  He is absolutely precious!  I am SO excited to be AUNTIE Tracy!!!  One of the best days of my life!