Sunday, April 12, 2009

NYC dining Adventures

We ate out every meal while we were in NYC.  I was able to get a few pictures to remember where we ate or had drinks!
One of our ALL time favorite places that is a MUST go is called Madison & Vine.  It is in Midtown & is extremely fabulous.  We made really great friends with the bartender, Mike, and he basically shared his entire life story with us.  We were there 4 hours.  The ambiance is very cool, and it feels kind of secretive.  These aren't my pictures.

Another place we went was this funky Italian place our last night in the city.  It's called Bocca di Bacco and it was really yummy!  There was over 400 different wines - and the salads and gnocchi was incredible! 

We also ate at a sushi place called Haru Sushi... which couldn't even touch the famous Mikuni Sushi here in Sacramento.  We were planning on going to Sushi Samba (where Samantha throws the drink on Richard) but that was the day we experienced all of our craziness.  I got a lot of really great suggestions from people who read my blog, and we were able to try out a few... so thank you! :)  


Anonymous said...

i will def. try those places out, if i ever venture to the big apple. ummm....what kind of craziness? how could you leave that out?! need to post that now. i am talking A.S.A.P! glad you had fun:)

Gerri Ward said...

Thanks for posting these great places,I'll check them out! I leave tomorrow for NYC, April 13-19. I thought it was next week sooo I've been running around doing last minute things!