Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kel.

Today is my very lovely friend, Kelly's Birthday.  Whenever she has a friend with a Birthday, she always posts a little blog about it - so, naturally, I needed to do it for her.  I just adore her.  Kel is one of my bridesmaids - and I feel like my life would not be the same with out her.  It has been an amazing 4 years of friendship with her - and I know we have a lifetime of memories left.  She is one of my absolute best friends, and a very dear part of my life.  I love you, Kel. Never stop being your amazing self!


Anonymous said...

you girls are so cute..and your bdays are so close together!

Kelly said...

Thank you, Trac!! Love you to the moon :)

p.s. we're getting OLD. haha