Friday, April 24, 2009

Exciting Times

Last night I had a dream about our up-coming wedding, and I woke up SO excited.  The big day is a little over 4 months away, and as it gets closer, I get more and more excited!  I cannot wait to see TL when I am walking down the isle to him.  I think that must be the one thing I am so excited about.  I am excited to see his face - and I am so excited for our first kiss :)  I am giddy just writing this!  I know there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for this lifelong commitment, and listening to others I have heard marriage can be quite challenging at times, but I am so ready for it.  It will all be worth it.  
I am also so excited for the dress I am wearing - its a surprise!  My beautiful bridesmaids and just seeing ALL of our closest family and friends in one place at one time.  It will be so special! We are so lucky.
I need to find some outfits for the upcoming fun things going on.  Summer is almost here, which means... fun outfits!  Next weekend is my first bridal shower that my soon to be mother in law is throwing for me and her friends and my bridesmaids & family.  We are taking our engagement photos on the first weekend in June in San Francisco... what do i wear?  
I am so blessed, and so excited for the upcoming events.
PLUS... my sisters baby is due in 2 DAYS!  Baby Ryan... making is first appearance, hopefully very soon.  I can't wait to meet him.  Our family is truly so lucky to have all of these amazing & life changing events happening.  Ill keep you posted on all of them! :)


Leslee said...

Your wedding day will surely be one of the BEST in your life!!

You will look amazing and I look forward to seeing pictures :-)

Indeed, you do have a super exciting Spring/Summer ahead of you. Make sure to take the time to enjoy each and every moment.

Vivian said...

oh, i am so excited for you, and you should be all giddy- it's a moment you'll remember forever!! dream about it all you want, and enjoy every second of it!!! i cant wait to see your pictures, im sure you'll be so gorgeous!! you are so blessed to have found someone to share this lifelong commitement, enjoy all of it!


Nicole Marie said...

you two are just so cute!

VanessasRunway said...

Awe, so this has to be one of my favorite posts of yours! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for my big day next year! :)

Anonymous said...

sooo exciting for you!!