Sunday, March 1, 2009

tweet - tweet

I am at work this morning and one of the stories my EP, Tracy, is having me write is about the new Fad for Congressmen. Supposidly, they are picking up the new fad called "Twitter". This is a website where you constantly update your 'status' in fewer than 140 characters. Some of them are even getting pinpointed for twittering while President O gave his first Congressional speech. Howard Kurtz from the Washington Post said:
"For republicans who are out of power, using Twitter is a way of cutting out the middleman. You don't need a camera crew to get your thoughts out, you can just tap into your blackberry."
It's so interesting to see how the advancements in technology have really changed the way our media works. Everyone is their own reporter now - all it takes is the click of a mouse!

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