Monday, March 2, 2009


Like I earlier posted...  I recently got a new book called "She..." and I really love a lot of the quotes in it and what they mean to me.  I have been really passionate about pursuing my dream of connecting to my community through television reporting, and a lot of these quotes fit the mindset I have tried to have through reaching these goals.  The foundation of them being hope.  Here is another amazing quote.
"She Listened To Her Heart Above All The Other Voices."
Celebrate her wisdom.
This has been the single most important part of the entire journey of reaching small goals in my life.  I remember when I began college, people used to tell me that I would never be able to get through the broadcasting department at SFSU quickly because the classes are so impacted.  This was really discouraging because I felt like I would never get out of college - no matter what steps I took.  Now, I have been graduated since last May - I finished in 3 years.  It taught me one very important lesson - always listen to your heart, and don't believe every thing you hear... figure things out for yourself.  Have you ever had any experiences similar to this one..., where someone told you something was impossible but you found it in your heart to do it anyway?

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