Sunday, March 29, 2009


One of my least favorite things to do when leaving for a vacation is to pack!  I am always worried that I am going to forget something that I really wished I had, or do just the opposite and over pack.   And by the way... over packing would be totally easy with this amazing LV suitcase!

 TL and I are leaving for NYC on Tuesday and I am so stuck with the packing.  I know that the weather is going to be kind of a mix, a little warmer, a little cooler, some rain, and some sunshine.  I need to bring hats & jackets... and T shirts.  Oh, goodness.  

I also need to bring some nice outfits because TL and I are attending two Broadway plays (wicked & Mary Poppins) and we are planning at least one night of a nice dinner.  We are so lucky we are getting the opportunity to go - but man oh man, how do I pack?  

Any suggestions on how you narrow it down?  Plus, I am totally having one of those days where I feel like I have nothing to wear... even though I have a nice closet of clothes! :)
photo courtesy of flickr


Adrienne Gomer said...

how fun! Justin and I went on a trip to NY this same time last year. If you need any good restaurant recommendations, we ate at a bunch of amazing places. I'd try to get in at Pastis if you can, their food is amazing.

Leslee said...

If only you had THAT suitcase!!! Awesome...

Wishing you and TL and fabulous time and just know that you are envied ;-)

Couture Carrie said...

Love that image! Packing is kinda fun for me . . . I just try to imagine how to make each piece work for a couple of outfits, and think, "is there any chance I will NOT wear this?" and if the answer is YES, leave it behind. Key pieces: jeans, black dress, blazer, comfy walking shoes that are not sneakers...

Have fun!