Friday, March 20, 2009


I have been out of high school now for quite a few years, and it gets harder to keep in touch with everyone I knew while I was there.  Its strange the people that come and go into our lives -- and its always interesting to hear the roads people choose to travel and how close we used to be is now just how far apart we really are.  Recently, I heard of not only a family relative, but a friend from my elementary, jr. high, and high school days passed away.

Today was his funeral.  Not only was it a massive high school reunion, but it was strange to see all the different people from different walks of life coming together.  Funerals can be really awkward because you are there for such a sad purpose, but you are seeing people you haven't seen in years so you are happy to see them.  

Today was strange.  We celebrated the life of a man who died too young.  I have attended & spoke at several funerals, and today I chose to do something a little different.  I stood near the front where I was able to see the faces of the family.  It was powerful and heartbreaking.  

Death is so strange, and usually we choose not to think about it until it directly affects us in some way.  I think we are becoming very accustomed to it as a society because we see and hear all about it in our media.  It only becomes real when it happens to us.  

I think the thing I was reminded of again today is how lucky I am right now.  He never got to get married, have children, or celebrate family and friends to the full extent.  Choose to be happy.  After all, it is your choice.  Love.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read that. I completely agree with you about how fleeting things are and that every day is a gift...a beautiful but sometimes, sad realization.