Monday, March 2, 2009

good friends fill my heart with love.

Kel Bel came to visit me yesterday so we could go look at bridesmaid dresses with my sisters and mom.  It was so nice to see her because it had been much too long!  Although we didn't find exactly what we were looking for, it was SO nice to see Kel for the night and catch up on each others lives.  Its amazing how much I miss her.  When I see her it makes me realize how lucky I am to have such amazing friends.  Her and I talked all night, and then this morning we sat and drank coffee over breakfast (that she made) and looked & listened to the rain.  It was such a special time for us and it was very much needed.  It's true - friends really are a special part of us.  We choose them to stand by us through every thing in life.  I have so much faith in my friends.  They are one of life's biggest blessings, and I love them so much!  
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Kelly said...

aw! i love you so much and had an amazing time. i'm coming again soon! miss you already :)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

please come soon... we need to see each other more! 3 month droughts are NOT an option! :)