Monday, March 23, 2009


This week, we will see one more couple get kicked off of Dancing With The Stars.  My favorite is still - of course - Julianne and her boyfriend.  But lately, the duo has been bothering me.  Last week, the choreography wasn't great, and I think Julianne may be getting a little bit cocky.  It bugs me how they act too - but I still love her.

Shawn Johnson is also another fave of mine.  I love how innocent she is.  Last week, she was a little shy with her salsa, but still extremely adorable.  She nailed the choreography and looked fabulous doing it.  I love that she doesn't have a TON of dancing experience (like Melissa, which totally bugs me).

Speaking of Melissa - I hope people don't forget that she was an NFL cheerleader.  The chick has plenty of experience, so its unfair to compare her dancing ability with Apple co-creator Steve Wasniak.  (or however you spell it)  I think she may be getting a big pity vote.  Don't get me wrong, she is really sexy and great at dancing... but why is she famous again?

A big time favorite of mine is Cheryl and her partner (superman?) the guy from SATC the movie.  He was so sexy last week... and super sharp.  I think they have a big shot at winning the entire competition - as long as people remember that he doesn't have previous experience, and he is doing really well.  He isn't very famous - but at least he has been on the big screen for more than just getting dumped by a guy.

And Derek & lil Kim are still under the radar.  He is so amazing at choreography, I think with out him, she would have a lot harder time with making it as far as she will.  He is the best male dancer on the show.  

Everyone else is doing well... but not well enough to mention.  I think that Denise Richards doesn't have the ability to go far, unless some charisma pops out of no where!  Do you follow the show?  What do you think?

picture of some of the stars found here


Allison said...

I actually don't watch the show, because it's on when I'm in night class (ew), but I've been reading on Perez about all the crazy amounts of injuries!

I think Shawn Johnson is absolutely precious, and that guy from SATC is hot, hot, hot! I would watch the show just to see how he moved ;)

This is a super, super cute post - it makes me wish I watched the show!

VanessasRunway said...

I love the guy from SATC! I love a man that can dance. He's so unafraid and confident and I love that!