Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DWTS Season Priemere

Okay.. so last night I stayed up specifically to watch the premiere of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) and overall I wasn't as impressed as I was last season.  I think a lot of the characters have to grow on me.  Among my favorites: Shawn Johnson.  The judges said she seemed very professional and had really great lines, the only prob... she has a definite gymnast influence on her dancing. (duh).  Julianne Hough and her boyfriend (whatever his name is... she's more famous than he is, so maybe we need a little role reversal) They had a pretty good dance - but as TL pointed out - he was a bit flat footed, and the performance wasn't the most memorable.  
I also really like Cheryl Burke and her partner who is the sexy naked man in SATC the movie.  They had a really appealing cha cha.  He really knows how to strut his stuff.  I thought they were really sexy.  
Worst score of the night went to the co-creator of Apple computer.  He and Edyta were definitely not the best ever - but I thought it was cute how serious he took it and how hard he tried.  
The biggest drama queen award goes to: Denise Richards.  She's beautiful - but already in week one she was crying.  Thats not supposed to come until later in the show.  She has a hot body, but I think she needs some help knowing how to use it all.  Lil Kim gave a shout out to 'her girls in prison' which was cool - She said she always used to watch the show when she was locked up.  I guess its good they are getting a little bit of everything on the show - and she is dancing with the all time best male dancer in the world (Derek Hough).  
Looking forward to next week.
Oh, and Melissa from the bachelor?  She has previous ballet, cheer and dance experience - so learning the moves in two days shouldn't have been such a big deal.  And since when is she a star?  She was on the Bachelor?  She's striking it rich with ABC programming, thats for sure!  I think she will get the sympathy vote more than anyone else on there - plus she is pretty good.
Pics of stars found here


Leslee said...

Not that "they" were very good but Lacey & Steve-O made me snicker! Hard to to take him very serious any-who!

Oh, and sexy naked guy from SATC, WHEW! H-O-T!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

oh definitely, i think Lacey & Steve-O were awesome too - I was totally surprised he took it seriously!