Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diaper Cakes & Baby Showers Galore

Yesterday was my sister Kelly's baby shower -- and my sister Ju and I had so much fun planning it with some of Kel's good friends.   It was the first time I have ever had a big event at my house, and I was a little nervous... to be honest!  The theme was "trains" and we did everything we could to match that theme.  About 45 people showed up for the big event, and we had so much fun.  We did a "no game" shower, and when I said that out loud, I got a big cheer from everyone - so I am guessing no one really cared!  So,  here it is, the diaper cake I have been so excited to show you!  I feel like the pictures don't do it much justice because it seemed so much cuter in person... but my sister loved it!  
It had over 350 diapers, 10 onsies, 16 teething rings, 6 baby spoons, 4 trains (one that moved on a track around the bottom layer of the cake), 3 different spools of ribbon, 5 stuffed animal toys, and 2 fire trucks!  Quite the baby's dream! :)
My sister, Ju, and I also got into our creative side and made a "Nacho" train.  This was quite the project and funny because we both had different visions of what it was going to look like before we made it.  We ended up just doing the best we could with the tools we found at the craft store.  None the less, we had a wonderful time making it.

My sisters good friend, Paula, is one of the most creative bakers I have ever met.  She has no professional experience, but if you saw some of her work, you wouldn't believe it.  She made ALL of the several dozen darling cupcakes... and the most ADORABLE train cake I have ever seen.  It was beautiful - so beautiful, everyone refused to eat it!  Yes, she is amazing!

And last, but certainly not least, my sister Kel was the most beautiful, glowing, mom-to-be I have ever seen.  She was so excited to see almost 45 of our closest family & friends all together to celebrate... and lets just say opening gifts was not the quickest process we have ever gone through.  I hope it was everything she ever dreamed of for her very first baby shower! (Notice the R-Y-A-N letters behind her in the picture on top of the fireplace... I made those too to match his nursery!)

I cannot wait to meet BABY RYAN himself at the end of April.  I am going to be such a proud Auntie!  I love him already, and we haven't even met yet!

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Nicole Marie said...

aww so cute trac! way to go everything looks so cute!! you're going to be the best auntie ever!!