Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Movie Ever

Today -- while I have been doing laundry and cleaning, I was watching my all time favorite movie ever... ERIN BROCKOVICH

I've watched it a few times this week, and it is so powerful - it gets to me every time.  I have so many favorite quotes from this movie, and I can recite most of them.  It really is an incredible movie.  If you haven't seen it... put it on your to-do list!

Basically, it is about an outspoken woman who is given the power by a local attorney to use her wit and creative thinking to pull PG&E into one of the biggest lawsuits they've ever seen.  She proves the power in getting to know people and learning about their history.   She listens & cares about every one of her clients.  She defines trust.  There are so many amazing characteristics of this woman that we can all learn from.  She comes up from nothing to conquer everything.  amazing.

I think it is Julia Roberts best movie.  (along with Pretty Woman)

What are some of your favorite movies?  The ones that make you think... the ones that move you.

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William Street Store said...

I love this movie, in fact I love all her movies.

"They're called boobs ed"

ah brilliant x

Leslee said...

I have a couple depending on the theme!

Inspiration: RUDY!!

Love Story: The Notebook & The Thorn Birds & You've Got Mail

Fashion: SATC