Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

I dont even want to talk about it... the most dramatic, drug out, and lame ending in Bachelor history.  The show went on too long, and lets face it, the guy shouldn't have dumped his fiance on television in front of ALL of America.   I loved how  Melissa said she only wanted to be engaged to be married once, and he took that from her.  I think  I kind of agree.  I mean, obviously, things happen... but its also just the nature of the show.  What do people expect?  The show gives them glamour, expensive food, adventures, ect.  Nothing about it is realistic, so how can you say who you are going to marry when you haven't even lived real life with them yet?  Maybe you can, maybe I am wrong?  What do you think?  I wish him and Molly the best... ?
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Kelly said...

i wasted three hours of my life...to be disappointed! ABC is rude. And don't even get me started on Jason.