Monday, March 30, 2009


Last week on Dancing, things got a little interesting. Denise Richards is a really awkward dancer, but I truthfully didn't think she was going to get voted off because she is one of the more famous people on the show. But she did. I'm not sad about that one.

I was really surprised nerdy steve stayed on the show with out even being in the bottom two - that was probably the biggest shock of all. Do we have another Cloris on our hands? Just goes to show votes must really count, considering he had a score of 10 out of 30 for last weeks dance.

My favorite? Shawn Johnson & the SATC guy (Gilles). They were both really poised, and I just think they have a special knack for dancing. I love to watch them. By the way, did you hear about the random stalking going on with Shawn Johnson? Apparently there is a super crazed fan that is following her around and planning to kill her. Thank goodness they arrested this idiot.

Julianne and her beau did better this week. Still not as good as I expected. Melissa is still doing well (big surprise) but I still think ABC needs to re-think her stardom. I hope she doesn't win.

I am excited to watch the next episode tonight... going to my mom and dads house to watch. :) Let me know what you think of all the dancing craze... hope you watch it! ABC tonight at 8.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


One of my least favorite things to do when leaving for a vacation is to pack!  I am always worried that I am going to forget something that I really wished I had, or do just the opposite and over pack.   And by the way... over packing would be totally easy with this amazing LV suitcase!

 TL and I are leaving for NYC on Tuesday and I am so stuck with the packing.  I know that the weather is going to be kind of a mix, a little warmer, a little cooler, some rain, and some sunshine.  I need to bring hats & jackets... and T shirts.  Oh, goodness.  

I also need to bring some nice outfits because TL and I are attending two Broadway plays (wicked & Mary Poppins) and we are planning at least one night of a nice dinner.  We are so lucky we are getting the opportunity to go - but man oh man, how do I pack?  

Any suggestions on how you narrow it down?  Plus, I am totally having one of those days where I feel like I have nothing to wear... even though I have a nice closet of clothes! :)
photo courtesy of flickr

Puppy Therapy

Today I had one of those days at work. Last night was a late night because our neighbors were making a bunch of noise until about 11, and then I woke up a little before 3 for work. And things were just not working out today at my job. Not complaining, considering 1 in 10 people don't even have a job, I am just frustrated about certain circumstances. But you know what the best therapy is (besides TL, that is) PUPPIES! Maximus and Zeus kiss my face and cuddle and I swear, they make me feel better with out doing anything. They are the best listeners, and they love you no matter what. They are my little babes, and thank goodness for them, because they brightened up my day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cupcakes & A Good Mood

Today was kind of a "winding down" day for me after working the last 5.  I wake up for work around 3AM or a little before, so it felt amazing to sleep in this morning until about 9.  I dreamed for the first time in a while :)  After waking up in a good mood - I decided I wanted to make a dent in my to-do list.  I called a few friends I needed to chat with, and cleaning things up around the house.  I also got the call about the Letterman tickets, which put me in even more of a good mood.  While I was doing it, I was in the mood to bake!  Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to bake.  So I decided to try something new today while I baked... and here they are.  I added fresh strawberries to the top of chocolate frosting.  Who doesn't love chocolate & strawberries? ;)
P.S. The flowers are from TL.  Random flowers are my fave.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vanity Fair Questionnaire

As I was browsing my daily list of blogs I like to read, I came across this one, from a former teacher of mine.  She is truly an exceptional writer (english teacher) and I thought this was an interesting questionnaire. 

This one's from Vanity Fair.
"The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlor game popularized (though not devised) by Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, who believed that, in answering these questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature. Here is the basic Proust Questionnaire. " PDawg

1.What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Being around family & friends.
2.What is your greatest fear?
Feeling like giving up - losing hope.

3.What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
I had to look up the word deplore - and I am still not really sure what it means, is that embarrassing? It says "strong disapproval of" so I would say jealousy of people who are successful in their career, simply because I am not there yet.
4.What is the trait you most deplore in others?

5.Which living person do you most admire?
there are two of them. mom and dad.
6.What is your greatest extravagance?
shoes & purses (materialistically) but family, overall.

7.What is your current state of mind?
i hate this word, because it is way over used, but tired. tired of not hearing back from somewhere, tired because I woke up at 2 am for work. But overall, I am blessed. I will never fail to be as optimistic as I can.
8.What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
Patience. Because sometimes, it seems impossible.

9.On what occasion do you lie?
If I am protecting someone close to me. Or myself.
10.What do you most dislike about your appearance?
I have always disliked the way I looked, but lately I am coming to terms with it. Right now I would say hair. But my tummy has always been a low point.

11.Which living person do you most despise?
I can't think of anyone right now....
12.What is the quality you most like in a man?
honesty & humor - the ability to challenge me

13.What is the quality you most like in a woman?
14.Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

15.What or who is the greatest love of your life?
TL. even when things get a little rough. still can't get enough of him
16.When and where were you happiest?
So far... the day I got engaged. Best day of my life.

17.Which talent would you most like to have?
18.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
my silly fears

19.What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Graduating college after 3 amazing years of meeting new people, learning a new place, and stepping out of my comfort zone.
20. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?
my weenie dog

21.Where would you most like to live?
wherever the family is
22.What is your most treasured possession?
TL would laugh at this question because I am the most sentimental person in the entire world. But I would have to say its a tie between my engagement ring and my blankets I have had since I was little. Why two... I think its the connection between my life as a little girl and my grown up life. And you know what, Im never getting rid of those blankets. There will always be that 'little girl' fire to me. deal with it :)

23.What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Death of TL. Or my parents/sisters. ugh. I could cry thinking about it.
24.What is your favorite occupation?
Television reporter. Nothing better than something different every day... and talking to people for a living. Its a consistent way to be thankful for everything you have, cause not everything covered is too positive.

25.What is your most marked characteristic?
my smile. people always tell me I have a big vibrant smile. is that what the question asked? Id say its the one thing I can give to everyone in the world.
26.What do you most value in your friends?
They are the most loving, genuine, amazing people I know. Each one of them has something so incredibly valuable -- so Ive learned to be a copy cat. Every characteristic that they have that I love, I copy. (in a non creepy way) Ive learned a lot from them.

27.Who are your favorite writers?
Jodi Picoult - and anyone who has a way of capturing me.
28.Who is your hero of fiction?
SJP. classic, right. thats why its fiction. but we all fell in love.

29.Which historical figure do you most identify with?
Got me on that one.
30.Who are your heroes in real life?
My Mom & Dad. Honestly, people. What better mix of love, compassion, hard work, work ethic, ect, ect, ect, is there? none.

31.What are your favorite names?
At the moment, Taylor & Brody
32.What is it that you most dislike?
Stupid People. Lovelle Mixon. Google his name if you don't know who he is.

33.What is your greatest regret?
Don't have any.
34.How would you like to die?
Tragically. Just not painfully.

35.What is your motto?
"She decided to start living the life she'd imagined." Its true, people. we decide our destiny.

I tried to change up the colors to make it a little more interesting.  To anyone who actually read the whole thing, thanks :)  Hope you do it too -- and let me know if you do, cause I am curious! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

flower girl presents

Inspired by this blog post by bridesandbabes - I thought it would be the cutest idea to get my little flower girls (and ring bearer too) a little book.  I already have some ideas for little gifts, but this is just adorable!  

Its called "One Little Flower Girl"... and even though I have two adorable ones (see them here), I think they could each feel special with their own.    It is written by Jennifer Dussling.  Find it here!

Monday, March 23, 2009


This week, we will see one more couple get kicked off of Dancing With The Stars.  My favorite is still - of course - Julianne and her boyfriend.  But lately, the duo has been bothering me.  Last week, the choreography wasn't great, and I think Julianne may be getting a little bit cocky.  It bugs me how they act too - but I still love her.

Shawn Johnson is also another fave of mine.  I love how innocent she is.  Last week, she was a little shy with her salsa, but still extremely adorable.  She nailed the choreography and looked fabulous doing it.  I love that she doesn't have a TON of dancing experience (like Melissa, which totally bugs me).

Speaking of Melissa - I hope people don't forget that she was an NFL cheerleader.  The chick has plenty of experience, so its unfair to compare her dancing ability with Apple co-creator Steve Wasniak.  (or however you spell it)  I think she may be getting a big pity vote.  Don't get me wrong, she is really sexy and great at dancing... but why is she famous again?

A big time favorite of mine is Cheryl and her partner (superman?) the guy from SATC the movie.  He was so sexy last week... and super sharp.  I think they have a big shot at winning the entire competition - as long as people remember that he doesn't have previous experience, and he is doing really well.  He isn't very famous - but at least he has been on the big screen for more than just getting dumped by a guy.

And Derek & lil Kim are still under the radar.  He is so amazing at choreography, I think with out him, she would have a lot harder time with making it as far as she will.  He is the best male dancer on the show.  

Everyone else is doing well... but not well enough to mention.  I think that Denise Richards doesn't have the ability to go far, unless some charisma pops out of no where!  Do you follow the show?  What do you think?

picture of some of the stars found here

New Camera... New Pics!

TL and I were so excited about a recent purchase his mother made for us... a new camera!  It takes some awesome pictures - I am completely clueless on how to use it at its best... but I love taking pictures, especially of my little puppies!  Their names are Maximus & Zeus... and they are our pride and JOY!  I am so crazy about 'em! What do ya think? (of the guys and the camera shots... not bad for a beginner, right?)     :)

playing dress up

In college, the girls and I would spend a lot of time getting dressed up!  I really miss doing it.  Lately, I have been in the mood to get in a big pretty dress (I guess I do have a wedding coming up, good thing) and take pretty pictures with a face of pretty make up and jewelry!  I need an excuse... anyone have a good one?  

picture via MaryRuffle

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diaper Cakes & Baby Showers Galore

Yesterday was my sister Kelly's baby shower -- and my sister Ju and I had so much fun planning it with some of Kel's good friends.   It was the first time I have ever had a big event at my house, and I was a little nervous... to be honest!  The theme was "trains" and we did everything we could to match that theme.  About 45 people showed up for the big event, and we had so much fun.  We did a "no game" shower, and when I said that out loud, I got a big cheer from everyone - so I am guessing no one really cared!  So,  here it is, the diaper cake I have been so excited to show you!  I feel like the pictures don't do it much justice because it seemed so much cuter in person... but my sister loved it!  
It had over 350 diapers, 10 onsies, 16 teething rings, 6 baby spoons, 4 trains (one that moved on a track around the bottom layer of the cake), 3 different spools of ribbon, 5 stuffed animal toys, and 2 fire trucks!  Quite the baby's dream! :)
My sister, Ju, and I also got into our creative side and made a "Nacho" train.  This was quite the project and funny because we both had different visions of what it was going to look like before we made it.  We ended up just doing the best we could with the tools we found at the craft store.  None the less, we had a wonderful time making it.

My sisters good friend, Paula, is one of the most creative bakers I have ever met.  She has no professional experience, but if you saw some of her work, you wouldn't believe it.  She made ALL of the several dozen darling cupcakes... and the most ADORABLE train cake I have ever seen.  It was beautiful - so beautiful, everyone refused to eat it!  Yes, she is amazing!

And last, but certainly not least, my sister Kel was the most beautiful, glowing, mom-to-be I have ever seen.  She was so excited to see almost 45 of our closest family & friends all together to celebrate... and lets just say opening gifts was not the quickest process we have ever gone through.  I hope it was everything she ever dreamed of for her very first baby shower! (Notice the R-Y-A-N letters behind her in the picture on top of the fireplace... I made those too to match his nursery!)

I cannot wait to meet BABY RYAN himself at the end of April.  I am going to be such a proud Auntie!  I love him already, and we haven't even met yet!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I have been out of high school now for quite a few years, and it gets harder to keep in touch with everyone I knew while I was there.  Its strange the people that come and go into our lives -- and its always interesting to hear the roads people choose to travel and how close we used to be is now just how far apart we really are.  Recently, I heard of not only a family relative, but a friend from my elementary, jr. high, and high school days passed away.

Today was his funeral.  Not only was it a massive high school reunion, but it was strange to see all the different people from different walks of life coming together.  Funerals can be really awkward because you are there for such a sad purpose, but you are seeing people you haven't seen in years so you are happy to see them.  

Today was strange.  We celebrated the life of a man who died too young.  I have attended & spoke at several funerals, and today I chose to do something a little different.  I stood near the front where I was able to see the faces of the family.  It was powerful and heartbreaking.  

Death is so strange, and usually we choose not to think about it until it directly affects us in some way.  I think we are becoming very accustomed to it as a society because we see and hear all about it in our media.  It only becomes real when it happens to us.  

I think the thing I was reminded of again today is how lucky I am right now.  He never got to get married, have children, or celebrate family and friends to the full extent.  Choose to be happy.  After all, it is your choice.  Love.

angel found here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shower Ideas?

Help... I need some ideas on where to go to find some cute baby shower ideas/ center pieces... I have some stuff in mind, but do you know of any blogs or websites that have good, creative ideas?

Theme: Trains
I already made an amazing diaper cake (pictures to follow, but its a surprise to my sis)
We have the plates & napkins.

Also... we are doing a little Nacho train.  What could we use to put the stuff in to make it look like a train?  Any ideas? 

This is my first time planning a baby shower and I am pretty nervous!  His name is Ryan.

picture found here

Best Movie Ever

Today -- while I have been doing laundry and cleaning, I was watching my all time favorite movie ever... ERIN BROCKOVICH

I've watched it a few times this week, and it is so powerful - it gets to me every time.  I have so many favorite quotes from this movie, and I can recite most of them.  It really is an incredible movie.  If you haven't seen it... put it on your to-do list!

Basically, it is about an outspoken woman who is given the power by a local attorney to use her wit and creative thinking to pull PG&E into one of the biggest lawsuits they've ever seen.  She proves the power in getting to know people and learning about their history.   She listens & cares about every one of her clients.  She defines trust.  There are so many amazing characteristics of this woman that we can all learn from.  She comes up from nothing to conquer everything.  amazing.

I think it is Julia Roberts best movie.  (along with Pretty Woman)

What are some of your favorite movies?  The ones that make you think... the ones that move you.

photo found here 


1. cleaning house
2. going for a run outside
3. putting together favors for baby shower
4. food shopping for baby shower
5. walking puppies
6. enjoying sunshine
7. calling make-up artist for wedding
8. spending time with mom & dad

flowers found here

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blushing Bride With Nothing To Wear

My MIL Cindy and soon to be cousin, Mackenzie, is throwing me a beautiful shower in San Francisco for my bridesmaids and her friends and I am so very honored and excited.  But here is the dilemma... what do I wear?  Here are some of my favorites... but which one do you like for me? And any ideas?  The bottom one is my favorite!all photos from Nordstrom

Mr. Ring Bearer... and Misses Flower Girls

I know what you're thinking... this is the cutest little guy you've ever seen... I know!  And guess what... he's my RING BEARER!  My good friend Lori Wallace has two of the most adorable little boys - and the baby isn't quite old enough.  But Jack, pictured here, will be almost 4 on Sept 5th.  TL and I are so excited and honored to have such a little cutie for our special day!

And Hailey & Hannah - Markus & Shannon's little girls (special friends of TL and mine) - are our FLOWER GIRLS!!  They are so adorable... just imagine them in big fluffy white dresses with big black bows and big pretty crowns in their hair.  Probably the sweetest little girls you will ever see.  TL and I are so excited.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Only Time...

I've been waiting for a couple of weeks to hear some news that could potentially change a few things in my life.  If the news is positive, I will be a very happy camper.  I am just waiting for a phone call... and sometimes when you're waiting for a phone call... the time seems to never come.  You know that feeling when you're just sitting by the phone... waiting, waiting waiting.  Testing my patience.  Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

clock found here

St. Patty's Day '09

I'm not Irish, but I would LOVE a kiss! xo
Well -- its my first St. Pattys Day that I am actually doing something really festive to celebrate.  TL and I are going with a group of his fireman buddies on a big pub crawl in downtown Sacramento.  They even had a big batch of T-Shirts made for us to wear.  (fun pictures to come!)  He has gone the last few years, so I am excited to see how crazy this gets!
Hope you're having a wonderful day today.  What are your plans?
History of St. Pattys?  Click here for a full recap.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

TL and I are trying to figure out how we want to remodel one of the guest bathrooms in out house... but are kind of having a hard time.  I don't really know what to do with the space.  I like this pic, but TL... not so much.  We need something a little more masculine, but still very cute... does anyone know of any good websites or blogs where I could get some ideas?  

pic found here

"Girls Best Friend" Dessert

While Tare & Kel were here... we made some good food.  Well, I should say, they made some good food.  The only thing I can take credit for is coming up with a good recipe for dessert, which Tare helped me make.
So, here are the things you'll need:

1 big carton of Vanilla Ice cream 
1 container of Cool Whip 
1 package of Oreo cookies
1.5 cups of Hot Fudge (actual hot fudge)
Desirable amount of Peanut Butter Cups

After you have all of your supplies, grab a glass pyrex dish.
(Hint: when you go to the store to get the ice cream, get it first and keep it out so it thaws up a little bit)
1. Put the package of Oreos into a plastic bag and crunch them up into little pieces
2. Spread the crushed oreos on the bottom of the pyrex
3. Take your thawed Ice Cream and layer it on top of the crushed oreos
4. Melt your Hot Fudge and layer it on top of the Ice Cream
5. Spread the Cool Whip over the entire thing
6. Break up the Peanut Butter Cups and spread them on top
7. Freeze the entire cake for approx 20 mins

Finished Product:

Super easy to make... and super yummy!
Give it a try and let me know how it works... 
Have fun with it!  You can add whatever you like to make it even yummier!

Weekends Over

It was such a fun weekend.  Tare and Kel came for a visit from the city and we had so much girl time - which was totally needed.  We spent most of our days in PJs just chatting about everything we haven't been able to because life has been going so fast.  They ended up staying 3 nights - which was totally awesome -  and we ate good food (some we made, some we ate out) and managed to drink some wine & watch Sex and The City.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

.manolo blahnik.

It was a really exciting night last night on so many levels.  Not only are my favorite people visiting me right now from the city, but TL, and us went out bowling last night at this place called strikes in EG.  It was actually really fun... and we were out super late.  When we got back we were just sitting around chatting and I brought up how I really want to wear the Blue SATC shoes when I get married.  The girls and I were still chatting about them when TL walked into a room with a big pink bag with a big white bow.  I saw the "footcandy" symbol, and knew instantly it was a pair of shoes from my favorite Walnut Creek shoe boutique.  I ripped it open and saw the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen.  The girls and I all started screaming so loud.  They couldn't believe it either!  It means so much to me because he knew how bad I wanted those shoes.  I melted when I saw them on the big screen.  TL is so thoughtful.  
People may think its super tacky to wear blue shoes with a white dress, but the thing is, I really love those shoes - and why do I have to be soo traditional?  I have never owned a pair of Manolos before, and for my first pair ever, they are perfect!  So - as I walk down the isle- some people may think... why is she wearing those shoes?  But when I walk down the isle, I will be so touched because not only are they my most favorite pair of shoes in the whole world, but they mean so much because they are from TL himself - and they will be the shoes I take my first steps in as Mrs. TL. 

morning sunshine!

Good Morning, Good Morning!  It's supposed to be a sunny beautiful day... hope you have an amazing one!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Things about today/tonight that make me happy!
1. friends- kel & tare coming into town
2. TL
3. my dad
4. My new bike.. yay
5. pretty spring flowers
6. wine and games - tonight
7. no work tomorrow/sleeping in
8. candles
9. puppies
10. my prego sister (due: next month)
11. layered necklaces

New Bike

I feel like a child again (which I totally still am) because I got a brand new bike today from TL.  I am so excited because it is great exercise and it is so much fun to cruise around on.  Tim and I went on a pretty big ride right when we got home and it was so nice because we could chat and get fit at the same time :)  Mine is a pearly white color and very comfy because it is specifically designed for a womans body.  This isn't my exact bike because I couldn't find a picture of it online.  Its a good fill in for me when I need a break from running - plus it totally uses different muscles!  Does anyone want to go for a ride with me?

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday.  The week is already half way over.  The weeks seem to go so fast these days.  On tap for today?  Spin class with TL, new washer & dryer set up, and then Kel & Tare are coming into town for a visit.  Just enjoying more of the valley sunshine, and our cute pups.  Hope you have a fabulous day ♥

picture via we heart it

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

fun ideas via snippets

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs Snippets & Ink and this is similar to a feeling I am going for at my wedding.  I love the yellow colors - since I was a very little girl, I have always loved Yellow Roses.  Something about them gives me so much joy.  

Big Bird Feeling The Recession

You know the economy is getting bad when the non profit organization called "Sesame Worskshop" (makers of Sesame Street) are laying off 67 of their 355 person staff.  Big Bird and the gang will remain on the air - but I was surprised to hear about this.  Story & picture found here on


Happy Wednesday! It is a beautiful, sunny day here in the Valley.  I was up for work at 1:30AM so I am going to take a nice little nap today...  TL and I have some errands to run, and we are going to get outside for a run in the sunshine! ♥
Pic found here

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Puppy Wedding

                   picture via Joe Mikos Photographysnippets & ink
I thought this was so amazing - but replace these darling bull dogs with my darling weenies!!!  Cindy (TL's mom) thinks they are coming to the wedding - they even have their own little tuxes from her... but unfortunately, they are going to be staying at the local pet hotel.

Wedding Registry

TL and I have had so much fun registering for gifts for our wedding and showers!  Right now, our only registry is Macys and we are going again today to add more stuff to it.  We are so fortunate because we already have so much - so registering has been kind of hard.  But, we decided that we are going to register for our very own set of 'wedding china'.  I think it is so cute, and TL did too!  Wish us luck again today - and any ideas on something you may have wished you registered for and you didn't? (If you're married) or something you think I may have forgotten? 
picture via we heart it

DWTS Season Priemere

Okay.. so last night I stayed up specifically to watch the premiere of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) and overall I wasn't as impressed as I was last season.  I think a lot of the characters have to grow on me.  Among my favorites: Shawn Johnson.  The judges said she seemed very professional and had really great lines, the only prob... she has a definite gymnast influence on her dancing. (duh).  Julianne Hough and her boyfriend (whatever his name is... she's more famous than he is, so maybe we need a little role reversal) They had a pretty good dance - but as TL pointed out - he was a bit flat footed, and the performance wasn't the most memorable.  
I also really like Cheryl Burke and her partner who is the sexy naked man in SATC the movie.  They had a really appealing cha cha.  He really knows how to strut his stuff.  I thought they were really sexy.  
Worst score of the night went to the co-creator of Apple computer.  He and Edyta were definitely not the best ever - but I thought it was cute how serious he took it and how hard he tried.  
The biggest drama queen award goes to: Denise Richards.  She's beautiful - but already in week one she was crying.  Thats not supposed to come until later in the show.  She has a hot body, but I think she needs some help knowing how to use it all.  Lil Kim gave a shout out to 'her girls in prison' which was cool - She said she always used to watch the show when she was locked up.  I guess its good they are getting a little bit of everything on the show - and she is dancing with the all time best male dancer in the world (Derek Hough).  
Looking forward to next week.
Oh, and Melissa from the bachelor?  She has previous ballet, cheer and dance experience - so learning the moves in two days shouldn't have been such a big deal.  And since when is she a star?  She was on the Bachelor?  She's striking it rich with ABC programming, thats for sure!  I think she will get the sympathy vote more than anyone else on there - plus she is pretty good.
Pics of stars found here