Sunday, February 22, 2009


There is something capturing about this picture.  It belongs to Marry Ruffle.  Maybe its because it is dead resemblance of what I want to do with my hair for my wedding.  My best friend Kelly does a 'today' post in which she basically says the things she thinking or thankful for today.  So I am copying her.  (She knows its a form of flattery, of course)  So here is my list:

1. the weather: not only do we need the rain more than ever
there is something about it that makes me feel warm.
2. tim. his unconditional love
even when i act crazy.
3. the people in my professional field who remember me
4. the people at my work who respect me-- and think i am worthy.
5. puppies.  there is nothing that can be as therapeutic as a little, soft puppy kissing your face
6. my soon to be nephew - Ryan
7.  most importantly, my family--and friends who are like family.
8. the nap i took today.
it has been a frustrating past couple of days because i cant sleep at night
because i wake up at 3 for work.
9. im thankful for my job, because lots of people dont have one.
10. my sweatpants. they feel soo good.

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Kelly said...

GREAT list :)
i love the picture too. Alex has it posted as well. I've totally thoughts about doing that with my hair one day when I get married. Lovely idea!