Sunday, February 22, 2009


Levi Leipheimer - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley
I am not usually a follower of cycling events... however, marrying the man I am marrying, I have begun to watch the events and get into them.  Tim and I went to the first set of time trials in Sacramento and watched Levi Leipheimer & Lance Armstrong on their first day.  It was actually kind of exciting to see them race.  Breaking News: Levi Leipheimer and his team 'Astana' have won the AMGEN: tour of California.  I have become quite the fan of Levi because I feel like he is one of those down-to-earth athletes who does not get the recognition he deserves.  He was really fun to watch this year- and for the 3rd year in a row, he won the overall race!  Did I mention this is only the third year the race has been going on?  Amazing!  As Lance Armstrong said-- this week it was about LEVISTRONG!


Nell said...

Tracy! I love you. I think you are so adorable. I love reading your blogs too. It was so fun seeing you and Tim and Uncle Mike the other day. I miss you guys and we should definitely hang out more often. My schedule is pretty flexible so whenever you are free, give me a call. Maybe we can do a game night sometime. Love you!!!

Kelly said...

Love it -- more blogs!! yes that was about you! and woman...of course you're on my have your own section!! on the left hand side there are lables markes "variety" and there's one called "Tracy's Wedding." Check it out if you haven't :) I miss you SO much. Check out Taryn's blog...she wrote something to you in her "Spice up your life" post haha