Thursday, February 19, 2009

Holy Carpet

Don't let these cute little faces fool you!  They are little carpet chewers - in fact, they managed to tear a 3 inch hole in our carpet.  And of course, they didn't do it in a discreet location, they put it right as you walk in the front door.  So TL and I have looked like we live in a trailer park house for the past 3 weeks or so.... and we don't want to put new carpet in yet, so we had a guy come out and fix it this morning.  It looks almost brand new (thankfully for Maximus & Zeus's sake).  So the moral of the story?  Never trust a 6 month old wiener... no matter how cute they are!!!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

aaahahahahahahhaa i love it. but i'm glad you got it all fixed.

p.s. i need to come see this house of yours....let's plan!