Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flower Power

Lately, I have been feeling very rosy... it could be because things are really going well in my life lately. I have so much to be thankful for- great friends, great family, everyone is healthy, I am marrying the man I am most crazy about in the whole world... but it also has to do with one very exciting thing! I have all of the flowers picked out for my wedding day. Last week, my mom, my sister Kelly and I met with my wedding planner and a florist and picked out the most beautiful flowers we could find. The flowers were the one thing that I didn't want to go cheaply on, so I think the florist really loves us. We ended up with a very exciting set of flowers. Of course, we couldn't go with out the yellow roses, because those are my signature flower and my most favorite flower in the entire universe. We also had to spice things up a little bit: so we used calalillies, and a type of flower I dont know the name of, but it has little pearly things in the middle of it. We spent time designing every little detail: from the brides bunch, to the centerpieces for the tables in the reception room. I am so excited for it all... it helps me visualize the big day... which in the end makes it all so much more exciting!
The next step of the wedding planning comes with the bridesmaid dresses... and that is getting taken care of tomorrow. Me and a couple of the girls who can come are going shopping to see if we can find the perfect black dress.
And... I think I have decided that I want to do a 40's theme for the big day. This all modeled after my gorgeous bridesmaids will be wearing Audrey Hepburn style black dresses and pearls. This is all SO exciting!

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