Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feels Like Today

Today is a cheerful one - the first day in a little while that we aren't seeing rain when we look out the window.  When I used to live in SF, if ever I had a bad day, I would stop by in the villas and swing on the swings.  Something about it frees my spirit.  The feeling of weightlessness, even for the split second it lasts, makes me feel completely whole.  My hair always gets slightly tangled -- a small price to pay.  I used to park in the villas for school and on my walk to my car, I always stopped at the swings- well- at least once a week.  It was a time where my thoughts lifted from me, just as I lifted into the air-- its like flying.  Tim and I have a favorite park just side of West Portal in the city.  When we first met, we would go over there and swing together.  It is one of my favorite memories with him.  Today is a free spirited, good mood, amazing feeling day- the type you always have after a good swing.

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Anonymous said...

what an adorable post! I love swinging on swings...it's been too long since the last time :-)