Monday, December 1, 2008

Call me Ms. Zehnder :)

I officially start Substitute teaching next monday.  I am such a little butthead, because I am slightly nervous.  I mean, its strange that not even 4 years ago, I was sitting in those high schoolers chairs.  Now I get to tell them what to do!  HA! JK.  It will be a wonderful experience and a wonderful way to make some $$, because you know, the Holidays are here! (YAAAAYY).  Hopefully I do okay... keep those high schoolers in line! Just Kidding!  :)


Kelly said...

i love it!!!! i want to hear alllll about it, MS ZEHNDER!!

Nicole Marie said...

yay!! me too i want to hear all about it!!

Taryn said...

OHHH YAY GOOSEKILLER! Make sure you tell them you have a gun and will use it if they don't listen! HA! JUST KIDDING! love you!