Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My favorite time of year!

Mine and Tim's Tree...

On Friday our family went for our very first annual tree hunt with all 8 (+3 puppies) of the family.  My mom and dad have gone to the same tree farm now for over 30 years.  It is a family owned farm up at the top of apple hill, and my parents have never missed a year. TL and I got the most beautiful tree, and I am so in love with it.  I just love knowing its on and it has all of the ornaments I put on it.  But my parents tree at there house is most special because it has all the same ornaments on it that I saw while I was growing up.  It just makes me feel warm inside, I can't help it.  I just absolutely love this time of the year.  

Monday, December 1, 2008

Call me Ms. Zehnder :)

I officially start Substitute teaching next monday.  I am such a little butthead, because I am slightly nervous.  I mean, its strange that not even 4 years ago, I was sitting in those high schoolers chairs.  Now I get to tell them what to do!  HA! JK.  It will be a wonderful experience and a wonderful way to make some $$, because you know, the Holidays are here! (YAAAAYY).  Hopefully I do okay... keep those high schoolers in line! Just Kidding!  :)