Saturday, November 29, 2008

Emotionally Engaged...

So I started reading this book last night... (ive recently gotten very into reading) and it is absolutely fabulous.  It is a book called Emotionally Engaged and it is all about teaching yourself to really love being engaged and take all of the experiences in.  It is extremely powerful because it is a reminder of what our lives are about.  It teaches you how to mourn the loss of your life up to the point of now, and celebrate the beginning of what is to come.  It seems really wierd, but whenever you get engaged, it is a must read!  One of the suggestions in the book is to get your own journal and follow along in the book with what you are reading and feeling.  It is really crazy how a lot of what the author is writing is what I have been feeling in my head... its just comforting.  

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