Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chianti Red

Tim and I painted the dining room at our house last night.  It was so fun to paint and do a project together... plus, it turned out great!!!  We love the way it looks.  Its a deep red and it looks fabulous!  We were up so late, but had so much fun!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New York, oh, New York

I guess the Sex and The City movie has really lifted my desires to travel to the Big Apple.  I'd find my heart walking in Monolo's down 5th Ave.  Well, maybe not.  But I still really want to go to New York... its a marvelous place!

Bridesmaid Salon

I like this idea for a bridesmaid dress... not necessarily the dress itself, but the black with a little bit of white thrown in their to brighten it up.  It seems like this would be a good time to find dresses.  I think I want to do a basic Nordstrom dress that that is fairly cost efficient, so that way we can do something fun with the shoes!!


I like these flats.  I have problems with flats because often they hurt my feet and usually if I am wearing them its because I want to be able to walk far with out it hurting.  I am trying to find some suggestions for comfortable flats.  I am not sure if I should purchase more expensive ones because occasionally, the more expensive they are the more comfortable they are.  But I just never know if you are really getting more for your money, or if you are paying more for a label.

Quite obviously, these are my dream shoes.  A whopping $945.  I told Tim, if he feels the need to propose again, I could never say 'no' to these! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The movie of a lifetime!

The fashion is unbelievable... Two reasons i love this picture... the dress & whats behind her....

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.  This movie carried me away.  I am in love with Carrie Bradshaw.  I feel like we could be friends.  The movie came out Tuesday, and I have watched it several times.  I watched a conversation between the Director MPK and SJP and it just shows how in depth they follow these characters lives.  

He takes the Cake...

Tim is pretty sure he wants to pick the cake.  The cake is a bigger deal than I thought.  We have been watching this show called "Amazing Wedding Cakes" and some of them are unbelievable.  He likes some crazy stuff.  A lot of people now a days do a wedding cake for the bride and groom, and then cupcakes for all of the guests.  I am not sure what he wants to do, but I am excited to choose!  Cakes are fabulous!

Love this pup!

This is Darcie... she isn't mine... but I waaaant one!  :)  They are the most adorable doggies.  TL and I think we want to get a little brown one.  I have a niece, Gracie Lu, that I love too!  I love these dogs.  They are typically well-behaved, very sweet, and wonderful around people.  They are good at adapting to their environment and with good owners, they are usually good little pups!!

Why should I blog?

I guess this is the first time I have ever really actually thought about blogging.  To be honest, I liked looking at my best friend Kelly's, and so I got inspired!  :)  Thanks, Kel.  I am getting married, I have lots to think about and talk about.  Plus, this gives me a place to think.  I have always been a journal girl... so here it is!  :)